Switch to organic pet food in 7 days

Switching a dog or cat’s diet from food that contains chemical flavor additives to one that contains no chemicals, colors or artificial flavors can be a slight challenge.

There are no chemical attractants in our organic food, and although our food smells naturally good, it is less strong without these additives. Our food tastes fantastic, but we do not even add sugar to attract a pet’s appetite. Therefore, Yarrah’s initial acceptability might be less than other brands.

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So, how to make the transition as smooth as possible?

During a 7-day period, mix the current food with Yarrah organic food, in which you slowly reduce the current food of your pet, and increase the amount of Yarrah organic food.
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DAY 1-2:

Add 25% Yarrah food and 75% of your current brand to the bowl.

DAY 3-4:

Add 50% Yarrah food and 50% of your current brand to the bowl.

DAY 5-6:

Add 75% Yarrah food and 25% of your current brand to the bowl.

DAY 7:

Yes! Your pet is now 100% switched to Yarrah organic food.

Great! Anything else I should know?

  • Avoid stress; a stressed pet will not try something new.
  • During the day, use some Yarrah kibble as a treat for your dog or cat.
  • Always have fresh drinking water available; water washes away toxins.
  • Brush your pet often: toxins are also released through the skin.
  • Take your dog on walks. Movement accelerates the process of detoxification.

Questions regarding the switch to Yarrah organic food?

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