We donate 10% of our profits from the sales of these products to animal charities on a monthly basis to assist the ongoing welfare of animals.

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Don't Just Boost Kibble, SUPERBOOST Kibble!

Rockster’s Certification

Pet Industry Consultants have certified the description of Rockster as a “Superfood for Dogs”. Additionally Rockster recipes, the cooking process as well as the ingredients are certified by Lacon, ABCert & the Organic Food Federation. German Bio certification has some of the most stringent “Bio” regulations in the world and has a zero tolerance policy to the use of antibiotics.


  • Ingredients and process are regulated by very strict quality control rules.
  • Animals fed only bio-organic food and cows are grass fed on pesticide-free land and certified to be free from exposure to chemicals, antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones.
  • Animals are raised humanely respecting animal welfare.
  • Plants and vegetable sources are grown free from exposure to chemicals and pesticides.
  • No ingredients unfit for human consumption, fillers, meat paste, or waste materials of any kind.
  • Strict production protocols removing risk of contamination from feed-grade foodstuffs or anything nasty whatsoever.
  • Taste comes only from natural ingredients – no additives, flavourings, added sugars or sodium.
  • All of our packaging is BPA-free.
  • Carbon dioxide neutral production.

Bio-Superfoods with Prebiotics

Certain foods are nature’s gift, many call them “superfoods”. They are nutritionally dense foods that offer tremendous dietary and healing potential and have been used for thousands of years, due to their power to offer a rich source of nutrients, stimulating health at the cellular level. In order to reduce the need for expensive supplements, medicinal levels of a wide variety of bio-organic superfoods, never used before in commercial pet food, are added in specific combinations to optimise the health of dogs. Each product also includes bio-fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, a natural prebiotic which aids nutrient absorption in the digestive tract as well as detoxifying the liver.

Bio-Siegel Certification

The Bio-Siegel is the national coordinating label of Germany which identifies agricultural products and bio-organically produced foods, independent from associations and brands.

Bio-Siegel can be used to label all products which are produced and inspected in accordance with Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 on bio-organic production of agricultural products (EU Ecolabel) and whether at least 95% of the agricultural products come from bio-organic farming.

Organic Food Federation Certification

Certification of Organic operations and products.

USDA Organic Certification

The USDA organic seal verifies that producers met animal health and welfare standards, did not use antibiotics or growth hormones, used 100% bio-organic feed, and provided animals with access to the outdoors. Where foods made with multiple organic ingredients are concerned, USDA organic seal verifies that the product has 95% or more certified organic content.

Rockster’s Bio-Certification

Rockster’s bio-certification guarantees quality and purity of ingredients, including what the ingredients have been exposed to and ingested. The foods are the first in the U.S. to disclose 100 percent of the ingredients (including which part of the animal) and in what percentage. Due to the inclusion of certain superfoods rarely found in pet food, the anti-oxidant levels are up to 20 times higher than many other commercial pet foods, averaging more than 2,000 ORAC per recipe.

Transparency and Traceability

We believe that transparency is vital. This is why every Rockster product has 100% of the ingredients itemised and accounted for on the packaging. We even tell you EXACTLY which parts of the animal we use. Both our ingredients and our manufacturing process are certified, giving you the security of knowing exactly what is in your dog’s food or treats. We do not use any fillers, meat paste, foods unfit for human consumption or waste material of any kind and our products smell as good as they taste.

Non-GMO Certified

Rockster is gently poached from raw in the can at lower temperatures, mirroring sous-vide cooking methods. This means Rockster products are not exposed to high temperatures or oxygen, thus ensuring higher preservation of nutrients and flavor while eliminating bacteria or the need for preservatives. Rockster’s is ideal for dogs prone to allergies as Rockster products are hypoallergenic, single-protein formulas, without risk of contamination from other protein sources. All recipes are grain and gluten free. 

BPA-FREE Certified

All cans are certified to be 100 percent BPA free and fully recyclable, and production is CO2 neutral.

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