Yarrah’s Story

Organic Dog Food and Organic Cat Food Since 1992

The Yarrah brand took its first steps in 1992. The owner of a Bernese mountain dog called Dano believed that his dog deserved something better than the food available in stores at the time. He had been buying organic products for himself and wanted to offer his dog the same standard in terms of healthy, organic food without chemical colouring, aromas and flavourings. That is when he began producing his own organic pet food. He saw such an improvement in his dog’s health and vitality, that he decided to offer it to all dogs.

Today, Yarrah has a complete range of bio-organic food for cats and dogs. Why bio-organic and not just normal? Simple. He did not want to cut corners, organic is certified 100% pure and therefore healthier with no hidden impurities. Bio is not a hype for us but a conscious choice to bring about a positive change.

Many years later, Yarrah has become the organic dog and cat food market leader. Yarrah’s products are available in over 22 countries worldwide!

Yarrah is produced in the Netherlands.

Illustration dano new

Healthy, organic pet food


Meat from animals that had a better life


Pure ingredients without pesticides or GMOs

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